Outreach Activities

Advances in research are only possible if researchers make an effort on disseminating their work, not only to their collegues, but also to the public in general. Having this premise in mind, I have tried to get involved in activities with schools, elaborating geological guides, or disseminating the work I have been doing to the public.

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During the summer of 2015, André Pacheco and myself organized the first edition of the international CoasTools Summer School (Building up knowledge on coastal processes: Principles and Techniques).

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During the last months of my stay at the National Laboratory for Enery and Geology of Portugal, we had the opportunity of elaborating videos to disseminate our work and results that was finally published online in April 2nd, 2015.

Video Ener&Geo

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I was actively involved on the elaboration of several guide books of general and specific contents for the Maritime Terrestrial National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. as the author of pioner studies at the islands focusing on the physical environment of some of the most important habitats in the National Park during my PhD.

Guia Geológica Parque

Guía de Visita

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Science can be also transformed into ART as demonstrated at MARCO.

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I was involved and supervising small research projects developed by high school students during the summer of 2013 and 2011 in the frame of Ciência Viva Short Placements in Laboratories, a programme that offers young people the opportunity to get involved in research teams in science and technology institutions, during their Summer holidays.

I had the opportunity of visiting several schools from the North to the South of Portugal, explaining the important role that beaches and dunes play on protecting our coasts in 2009 in the frame of activities organized by CIENCIA VIVA.

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It is also very important that if we find an opportunity to pass the lessons learnt from exploring nature we just have to do it!

The sea level curve that we have elaborated was disseminated to different National journals:

At Publico, Gazeta Rural, Postal, UAlg

Interview by a local (Vigo, Galiza, Spain) newspaper, Faro de Vigo in 2013.